It Is Never Too Late…

Good evening.

I am not sure you will believe me when I say this but I will say it anyway; I am sorry I have neglected you over the past few weeks. Here is another cliché line which you may not believe, but believe it or not it is entirely true- ‘It’s not you it’s me’.

I went into hibernation recently because I had just lost interest, I began feeling this way in July. However, when I returned after this September vacation, I was just fed up. All the assignments and tests kept piling up, my motivation on the other hand was just fading day by day until eventually I stopped attending my law and Xhosa lectures. I attended my journalism lectures only because I knew my lecturers would all gang up on me about my absence. Instead, where journalism is concerned, I did not bother putting in an effort any more and I stopped paying attention. Yes that’s right. Since I am being honest then I might as well tell the truth about everything. I no longer had an interest in any of it, school work that is.

Owing to my lack of commitment, I have failed two of my law tests, and just passed one of my assignments. I have another law test tomorrow which I have just not studied for, but for some reason; 20 minutes ago I got out of bed and abandoned the Harry Potter marathon which I had immersed myself in on this windy Sunday. I guess YouTube can be a Godsend sometimes when it is offering you motivational videos instead of distracting you from your work- if only coming back from the dead had been this easy all along, because believe me I tried.

So yes, I got out of bed, put on my classical music and gathered my law of property books because it is now time to study, but of course before I get back into the game I have to formally make it known that I am back, so naturally I grabbed my laptop and began typing. We all know how words can help make it all better.

Apologies however, do not always have the desired effect, but I truly hope that in this case it does. Miss Gillian Rennie, Mr Hleze Kunju, Mr Graham Glover, Mrs Helen Kruse, Mr Gustav Muller, I am sorry. As educators I imagine that you take what you do seriously, so I apologise for throwing your efforts to teach back in your face. I have no right, because no person who has no interest in learning should be here, Rhodes is a small institution to begin with. On that note, I am also sorry to my parents, the people responsible for my presence at this prestigious institution. I love learning, I truly want to be great, but I guess I had just lost my way a little bit. I am back now, because I owe it to myself not to make foolish decisions when given plenty of opportunities. From here onwards, I am committing myself to greatness.


Zinhle Nokwazi Hlatshwayo