Reading in University


Gone are the days when reading was pleasurable. Here are the endless readings and analyses being shoved down ones throat as if one cannot watch a documentary and gain the same information.

University makes reading so boring. While in school, particularly in primary school, being forced into reading was actually quite enjoyable. Yes, the stories were fun and exciting, so I enjoyed reading. Now, I would much rather stare at all wall than read half the things I am forced to read all in the name of education. Why read confusing articles when I can just watch a documentary on a particular subject, I’ve always loved documentaries. I think the biggest issue I have with academic writing is that unnecessarily big words are used to make a very simple point which can very well be articulated in simple terms, I mean are these writers trying to make sure that we do not understand a thing? Secondly, there is no imagery involved, it’s all nothing but words on a page, and did I mention that it’s confusing?

The bottom line is, I am a technological age kind of gal. When I pick up a text to read, it better be interesting or I would much rather be on my computer watching stuff or on my phone texting. It is what we do after all. What I would like though is some time off the boring university readings so I can read the pile of 8 unread books that have now sadly become part of the furniture. Who knew books could make for good decorations? Well, now you know.

Books 1


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