My Relationship With Reading

Cat in the Hat

The first time I remember reading a book was when I was in grade 2 and we were forced to rotate between Arts and Crafts and the reading book. I can still vividly remember the cover of the book I picked up, it had a long, slender cat wearing a distinctive red and white hat. The book was by Dr Seuss’ ‘The Cat in the Hat’. I would re-read the book everyday for about a month and eventually my teacher encouraged me to be more adventurous and try and read another book. Reluctant to read anything else for fear that all the other books would be inferior to ‘The Cat in the Hat’, my teacher eventually persuaded me to try another book from Dr Seuss. I cannot remember the name of the book, but I do remember enjoying reading the book. I read Dr Seuss books exclusively for the rest of the year.

By the time I was ten we were required to read Dick-King Smith’s ‘Babe’. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would create mental images of what I imagined to be happening in my head. Naturally, I went through a Dick-King Smith phase and would read all his books available to me. In grade 6 my English class read ‘The Hobbit’. I enjoyed the fantasy world of goblins and wizards and I found reading novels about fantasy worlds incredibly entertaining. Around this time I discovered Meg Cabot and read most of the books written by her including ‘The Princess Diaries’ series and her series for teenage readers. After the Meg Cabot phase and a small fascination with chick lit, my reading habits progressed to Mizz Magazine, Seventeen and whatever other teenage focused publication I could get my hands on.

By the time I got to university I was reading as little as one book a year. Only recently I picked up “Ways of Staying” by Kevin Bloom, I’m told it is a good read. Even though the first time I picked up a book was not out of my own will, I can say it is the only occasion forced upon me which I am grateful for.


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