The Art of Make- up

Most people associate make- up with vanity and being superficial. for some, make- up is a form of art. Stace Scallan is an art major at Rhodes University who, along with her many other talents, loves to show case her talent of applying make- up. Jade Kebbie and Jarryd Munslow were her canvas today.

Jade Kebbie was the first to be made up:
“If I’m going to be totally honest, I think I am awesome. For a long time I struggled with my skin and all that stuff and eventually you just get to that stage where either you accept the things you don’t like about yourself and you learn to love them, or you get depressed.”


Jade: “Do my eye- lashes look burnt to you? I was freaking out about [them] the other day”.


“Sometimes I get pissed at my eyebrows, sometimes I have a bad nose day you know, like most people.”


Make up artist Stace Scallann says she always starts with a little bit of base, she uses BB cream to ensure that it “doesn’t hide the natural beauty underneath, so you can still see her freckles” and it is softer on the skin she says.


“I’m so bad at make- up. I’m such a girl, I love nails, I love fashion, I love shoes I love everything, but when it comes to make- up.”

Jarryd went into the whole experience blind, but in the end he was glad he did it:
“This is fun, I only have a 2000 word essay due, but hey, we all have that orb. Oooh, do I get to choose my [eye shaddow colour too]?”
Unfortunately Jarryd did not get to choose his own eyeshadow, but he still looked as beautiful as ever. He enjoyed his new hair too.

Jarryd 1

Stace uses a lighter colour on the eyes as well which she says is more of a base tone.
just by the way I’m going to be putting false eye lashes on you [Jarryd]

Jarryd 2

To accentuate the features Stace recommends making the inner parts of the eye lid [the parts next to the nose] darker, and the outer parts lighter.

Jarryd proper

“So what is being applied to my face?”

Stace used foundation on Jarryd instead BB cream. Foundation is a little bit thicker than BB cream, it would probably be a better option to use on Jarryd’s bearded face in order to achieve a more feminine look. Foundation makes the skin stand out more.

“So now when girls talk about make- up I can offer my comments.”
Jarryd reminds me that he feels fine with his appearance, he just chose to do this for the experience because I asked him to. I hunted Jade on down on a Grahamstown Facebook page and she was willing to part- take.

Jarryd last

Jarryd personally enjoys costume parties, with no make- up involved, because there are no limits. his best memory was attending a “no clothes” party, he attended it in a cardboard box around the most private parts of his body.

My opinion on the end results, I think the best part about Jades’ look are her eyes. I particularly loved Jarryd’s pouty lips.


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