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“You do journalism and law, don’t you get tired of reading?”

Academic writing1

When a friend of mine asked me this question over a meal at supper, my first instinct was to defend the art of writing by replying with a firm, no. I know how tough it is for writers to get people to care about reading, because if people do not care about reading then who are they writing for? There would be no point to writing.

His obvious disdain for too much writing made me wonder why he hated it so much and how many other people despised written texts as much as he does. What I misunderstood however, was that he had nothing against the art of writing itself, he had done too much reading in his life and I suppose he was beginning to grow tired of it. Upon self-reflection I realised, that I do in deed get tired of reading. I suddenly began to notice how, as a journalism student, I avoided reading articles and preferred to listen to the news instead. When reading textbooks and other school related texts, I noticed that I was in a rush for the writer to get to the point so I can extract from the reading whatever is important or necessary. Now is that not being tired of reading? I think it is.

bored baby

I do not feel bad for being tired of reading, even though I am a writing and editing student. I think academic writing falls into a whole other category on its own. The best description I can give about academic writing is: it is an educated person in a particular subject who wants to tell you more about the subject, in a way which makes them sound smart so as to ensure that you take them seriously, even if it means they write in circles and bore you to death. That is academic writing for you, now all other writing which is not academic writing can be described as an art. Academic writing is not an art, it is merely the regurgitation of learned facts. Hence I am not the slightest bit offended when people hate it so much. Heck, I am tired of it too.

Academic writing 2


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